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We met as cooks on a line in a busy restaurant in Lake Tahoe. We’ve since moved our small-town bums to the Pacific Northwest, learned a few more tricks, foraged some quality ingredients, and improvised many meals from an apparently empty pantry. We’re often happily surprised with how some simple techniques and even simpler ingredients can come together to make something robust, complex, and comforting.

We’ve worked in greasy spoons, steakhouses, catering, fine dining, and learned under the tutelage of many talented chefs in the private and commercial sectors, with as many years in the industry between us as there are days in a month. We’ve worked the turn-and-burn, high volume steak houses, fine dining, French American bistro, taco trucks, Fast-food chains, steakhouse franchises, organic, vegan, and vegetarian, James Beard Award-winning and James Beard-aspiring restaurants. DJ is currently a butcher and Courtney is a cook at one of Woodinville’s finest eateries.

Nothing beats the from-scratch, at-home meal, especially in our house, and most especially if we’ve gotten luck out foraging or fishing. In our years together, phases in our lives seem marked by recipes we’ve worked and reworked into a meal that leaves you nodding in appreciative silence until the last bite. The flavors that went into these recipes are not only markers of mentors in the industry who imparted some trade knowledge on us, but also tell a story about working through scarcity to adopt a more sustainable, healthful, and self-sufficient lifestyle.

We’ve been busy cooking, butchering, foraging, getting hitched, and introducing our son to the magnificent abundance of the Pacific Northwest. We figured if some of those sour lemons life handed us can get this sweet, we must be doing something right, so we decided share some of our food, our family, and our values with you.

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